Printing office Pro-Bag is offering you services of high quality printing on textile materials in full colour:

• PRODUCTION OF SUBLIMATE TRANSFER PAPER – digital printing of any motives on paper rolls maximum width of 160 cm, and with unlimited length. 

• SERVICE OF MAPPING motives in digital print technique from paper rolls onto textile materials.

All of our polyester and polyethnic materials can be coloured into any shade that is registered  in the international  register of colours on the PANTENE scale at the request of the client.

• Here we are showing you just a part of the colours in which we usually print the materials.

• Printing is preformed by the most recent machines for sublimate printing. 


Digital print on textile and cotton 


Printing on cotton and textile is done with sublimation. 

Sublimation is a simple and efficient form of digital print. It is used to print in high quality exclusively on surfaces that are majority from polyester or are processed with polymer spread. This form of print is applicable on different promotional products, but when it comes to textile it can be used on materials which have more than 65% polyester in their raw material structure. 

The secret of sublimation is the chemical process. Activating with heat, the colors bind with the polymers or polyester fibers, which create a permanent imprint on the product. Sublimation has the best effect on white or light backgrounds – the colors which are used are half-transparent and the base color of the product will replace the white color in the printing process.  

The print on the textile could be printed directly or using transfer paper. Quoted polyester materials can be printed directly, and non-quoted polyester materials can be printed by transfer paper. 

In polyester materials, colour penetration is far greater than materials that have a percentage of natural materials in their structure. Colour intensity is even on both sides, furthermore on the backside it has a mirror-like view.

Materials which are mostly used:

• sotex for bag production

• flag fabric 110gr/m2

• satin fabric 140 gr/m2

• polyester fabric 200 gr/m2

• microfiber fabric 125-150 gr/m2

• diolene 65% polyester 35% cotton

• fabrics with a percentage of lycra

• muslin different weight 

In polyester materials which contain a bigger percentage of natural materials (more than 50%), a test print is always done to establish clarity of the imprint.

Printing on textile that contains 100% natural materials such as cotton is not possible.